Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: Austin Aries vs Neville for Cruiserweight Championship

So on Monday Night RAW (March 6th)  WWE started a program with Austin Aries and Neville (Video: RAW Aries Neville Standoff – March 6th). They gave us 2 matches with Austin Aries and then jumped in and  did a 5-man Elimination match this past Tuesday (March 14th) to set Austin Aries as Neville’s Wrestlemania opponent. That brings us to this point in time and I have the feeling that we will see these two get into the standard storyline from this point. In the next few weeks we will see them on opposite sides of the ring in tag matches, at one point Neville will interfere in one of Aries’ matches. This will create enough intrigue for one of the lower matches.
This is what I’d do;

I think WWE did a good job with opening this feud. Neville has already claimed the CW Title after dominating TJ Perkins and others within the division. He then defeated Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher. This only further proved his nickname “King of the Cruiserweights” to be true. Enter Austin Aries; a man who needs no introduction to the hardcore fan demographic but to the casual WWE fan he has been introduced as only a colour commentator.

So after Monday night RAW where Aries made his claim be a competitor in the division I would create a story where he proves himself worthy. I would keep his first match with Tony Neese as is. They had a little bit of a run in previously on WWE TV so it was good they had that as Aries first match. This week on RAW he faced Devari and won which was a good continuation. 

This is where I turn off on my one story. Over the following weeks I would keep Aries in singles matches with wrestlers who have been previously linked to title contention; The Bryan Kendrick, Noam Dar, Drew Gulak. I would have each of these opponents come out first and make digs about Aries belonging behind a desk and not in the ring.

On the March 20th edition of RAW Neville would come out. He would say he is sick and tired of everyone thinking Aries is on his level. Make mention of Aries beating peasants that couldn’t lace Neville’s boots. Then he would say none of them even earned a shot to challenge the king. Jack Gallagher comes out and says that he has. He challenged the king and would love the opportunity to do it again. Aries interupts “I believe he was talking about me Jacky Boy. But you’re right you did have your shot and you wasted it. So why don’t we settle this like gentleman and shake hands and throw fists.” Leading to a match right then and there with Neville on commentary. Aries goes over in a hard fought match. Stands on the turnbuckle makes the belt motion at Neville and points at Wrestlemania. Neville stands up throws his headset and starts walking to the ring. He would get half way start laughing then shrug off the challenge and head to the back. On 205 the next night Aries fights TJ Perkins during the match Neville runs in while the ref is distracted aims to hit Aries misses and connects with TJ assisting Aries unintentionally. Finally we have the final RAW before WM33. Aries comes out for a match with Rich Swann, the man Neville defeated for the belt. Swann would take a hard bump off the top rope. As the ref checks on him Aries gets jumped by Neville on the outside. Ref misses this and starts the 10 count. 7-8-9… Aries jumps back in the ring. He rallys back and gets a clean pin over Swann. Grabs the mic and cuts a massive promo on Neville. Makes mention to him climbing through the ranks of the division, how he has beat all the challengers and every past champion. Makes a point to mention all the times Neville tried to derail him but he couldn’t. Now there is no one else in his way to the King’s throne and at Wrestlemania he will prove it. Backstage is shown with Neville leaving Mick Foley stops him and says since Neville doesn’t want to respond he will do it for him and makes the match.

The Aftermath:

I would have Neville go over at Wrestlemania with a shady finish. I would continue this feud over at least one more PPVs. I would have Aries start another feud probably with The BK because of some sort of involvement in his championship match. Aries finishes that feud on a strong note leading him to challenge Neville again at Summerslam and this time he goes over the King!


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