WWE REcreated: Wyatt REbooked

Bray Wyatt, The Eater of Worlds, a man who claims he is a god and destroyer of the ordinary men he shares the ring with. But have we seen this. No. We have seen this man drop a majority of main feuds he has had. And honestly at any point if handled properly those feuds could have made this man live up to every thing that has been said about him. Seriously imagine Wrestlemania 30 Bray Wyatt pinning John Cena on the same night that The Undertaker lost for the first time, that would have been monumental. It would have a true statement of the changing of the guard. Nonetheless this didn’t happen and Bray Wyatt has gone on a very unpleasing WWE run.

Look at the numbers. According to Internet Wrestling Database Wyatt has a win percentage of 30.39% in his main roster time and on top of that he has 19-15 pay-per-view win-loss record (most of which are multi-man matches with the Wyatt Family).

So now Wyatt has been re-positioned on RAW and WWE has given us hints that his next feud will be with “The Demon King” Finn Balor. This has already given me the impression that Bray Wyatt will be losing this feud as well because they aren’t going to have Finn Balor lose in his first major feud since returning. I just can not make heads nor tails of WWE’s creative direction for Wyatt. In fact I believe they have booked themselves into a corner that they will be stuck in unless there is a big push in Wyatt’s future.

So for the first time since starting WWE REcreative I will be doing a REBOOK. I am going to be discussing three matches for Bray Wyatt that if booked properly would have given us a far better superstar today.

MATCH #1: Bray Wyatt vs John Cena at WRESTLEMANIA 30

So as wrestling fans I am assuming that we are all fairly knowledgeable on the build-up that was done for this match. I believe this was fantastic storytelling. In fact the scene with all the children singing around the ring is still one of my favourite moments of the modern era. The match on the other hand left much to be wanted. I understand that this statement will break “WWE’s Law” but John Cena doesn’t always need to win. One loss is not going to stop the lil’ ones from purchasing his wristbands and hats. So in order to put over what could possibly be the next big heel of WWE Cena needed to take that pin.

So as Cena would start is flurry of signature moves in the later portion of the contest then the lights start flickering as children start walking down the aisle. Each child would be wearing a sheep mask as well as a shirt resembling Cena’s merchandise at the time but it reads “Flock. Follow. Blindly.”. Cena turns around into a kick to the gut, a mocking “You Can’t See US!” and a Sister Abigail for the pin. After the match we see the children leave the ramp and wrap around the ring.  The referee goes to raise Wyatt’s hand he pulls it away and continues to attack Cena with the assistance of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Wyatt delivers a second Sister Abigail. He then drops to his knees with his arms open and the Wyatt Family behind him and the children singing “He’s got the whole world…” from ringside as we cut to darkness.

The commentators can even up the dramatic expression with statements like,”Did we just see the death of Cenation”, “What does this mean for John Cena?”, ETC. This would add to the mystery of what this win actually means for John Cena and more importantly Bray Wyatt.

The Aftermatch: 

In true WWE ways John Cena isn’t allowed to look weak for an extended amount of time so he would end up getting the best of Bray Wyatt. I would be completely fine with this due to the fact that the “damage” would already be done. John Cena would have a moment of weakness on the grandest stage of them all which would give Bray Wyatt a huge spotlight for future storylines.

After Wrestlemania 30 the creative team had this feud go through two mores matches; A steel cage match at Extreme Rules and a Last Man Standing  match at Payback. Instead of having  Wyatt go over in the steel cage match I would have Cena being shaken from the top of the cage by the Wyatt Family. Have it a victory wrapped in chance and nothing concrete leading to the Last Man Standing match. Cena could go over in this match after a hard hitting affair. After the match Braun Stroman would debut taking out Cena after the match and helping Wyatt to the back. Their feud would successfully fizzle out after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view the next month. John Cena could still go on with his WWE Title reign into Summerslam. Bray Wyatt should graduate into a mid-card title reign with either the US or Intercontinental Championship.

MATCH #2: Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker at WRESTLEMANIA 31

This match should have been booked as one thing, the final days of the Undertaker reign over the WWE Universe. Bray Wyatt should make a point that “The Streak” was only part of the Deadman’s power. He would come across envious of the Undertaker’s power. This would be imperative to building Bray Wyatt as the next “entity of the unknown”. Undertaker would remain on the defence that Bray Wyatt is not ready to step in the realm of the Deadman. This build would be the best way to book this match, all psychological with “little to none” face-to-face altercations. The week before Wrestlmania Bray Wyatt should preach the end of an era, the end of the reign of the Deadman. The Undertaker should interrupt this segment saying that Bray is not strong enough to end his reign and it will not be until Bray takes control of the darkness within that he will realize this.

This match needs to be very physical to build the ora that each man is taking his opponent to the limit. There would have to be a major spot from Wyatt such as a table smash or a big move on to the metal stairs. This would lead to Bray Wyatt getting the upper hand. He would deliver a Sister Abigail and crossing the arms of the Undertaker for the classic pin and Undertaker kicks out just before a 3-count. Wyatt then picks up the Undertaker sets him up for a second Sister Abigail, Undertaker spins out and delivers a chokeslam. He picks up Wyatt and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver for the 1-2-3. Undertaker would then pose on one knee raise his hand and lightning strikes the ring the light comes up Undertaker is gone and Bray Wyatt sits up quickly almost looking like he is coming back to life.

The Aftermatch:

So coming out of this match we should see Bray Wyatt almost reborn. He would come into a more aggressive ring style. Shortly after Wrestlemania he would renounce the Wyatt Family causing Braun Stroman leading Luke Harper and Erick Rowan against Bray Wyatt. This would fill most of the year with Bray Wyatt slowly taking on more of a face role as he battles back against the “Orphan Wyatts” (Stroman, Harper & Rowan). During this transformation of Bray Wyatt we should see a shift in his presentation as well maybe different music and a more “Deadman” type attire. This period should focus on Bray Wyatt starting to embrace “the darkness” and attempt to control it. He would shed the security of the Wyatt Family and become a dominant force in the WWE.

Bray Wyatt could even tie into some of the storyline with Brock Lesner and The Undertaker. Even have him defending the Undertaker from a Brock Lesner beat down. This would tie into Bray Wyatt wanting to avenge The Undertaker’s loss at the hands of the conqueror, Brock Lesner.

MATCH #3: Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesner at WRESTLEMANIA 32

It seemed at Royal Rumble 2016 that WWE was building towards an eventual showdown with The Beast and The Eater of Worlds but unfortunately for some reason this was scrapped. The alternative was Brock Lesner vs Dean Ambrose in a match that led nowhere with either man and Bray Wyatt jobbing out to The Rock and John Cena. So basically both men were part of matches that did nothing for future stories and left the audience wanting more.

This match could still be seeded in Bray Wyatt eliminating Brock Lesner at the Royal Rumble. Have Wyatt in the Triple Threat match with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at Fastlane in stead of Lesner but Lesner would return at the pay-per-view costing Bray Wyatt his chance at the title shot. Paul Heyman would be well utilized in this feud because of his level of “bull-slinging” mixed with Bray Wyatt’s theatrical style would build this feud fantastically from a promo standing. Throughout the build I would also hint at The Undertaker’s involvement in this match. Brock Lesner would get into many face-to-face stand-offs with Wyatt but have Wyatt standing tall and Lesner almost looking spooked and leaving. Finally the week before Wrestlemania have Lesner jump Wyatt and beat him down in the middle of the ring. Wyatt would get to his knees spread his arms lightning hits the ring and Wyatt is gone.

The match at Wrestlemania would be billed as the attempt of Wyatt to control the darkness and defeat the conqueror. Bray Wyatt would continuously come back in this match no matter what Lesner throws at him. But at the same time Lesner is too strong and continues to be on the offensive and Wyatt remaining on the defensive. Finally as Lesner has Wyatt up for an F-5 the Undertakers Gong would hit and the arena fills with the ominous purple light and it almost looks like a silhouette of The Undertaker standing on the stage. Lights come back on the figure is gone and Lesner turns into a Sister Abigail but this is reversed into the F-5 and the pin. Brock Lesner and Paul Heyman exit to the back as Bray Wyatt is seen on his knees apologizing to no one. He would just keep screaming “I will control it”.

The Aftermatch

This would continue into a 2-3 month program with Lesner concluding in some sort of a stipulation match between Lesner and Bray Wyatt. Through this feud have Wyatt seen often talking to someone, almost as a child would speak to an imaginary friend. This would come across as him talking to who believes to be the Undertaker’s presence and this would also give the impression that Wyatt is going insane.  I would have Wyatt get the final win in this series over Lesner finally getting retribution for The Undertaker. As Wyatt kneels in the ring after his win he would seem to be boasting his accomplishment. “I did it. I have defeated the conqueror and have reclaimed our darkness”. But no one would be where he is facing. Finally the lights go out the gong hits and the purple light fills the arena as the Undertaker stands in front of a knelled Bray Wyatt. Into the microphone Undertaker would say, “The darkness is not yours to possess until you defeat the man that controls it”. Bray Wyatt would rise to his feet and stand face-to-face with the Undertaker only to have Undertaker kick him and deliver and a Tombstone and the arena goes to darkness when the move connects leaving Bray alone in the ring when the lights return and this would close the pay-per-view.


The Conclusion:

This rebooking to meant for one thing; Have Bray Wyatt become the new “darkness” of the WWE. I think it should have been Wyatt to finish the Undertakers career. Wyatt’s gimmick is though provoking and can withstand time much as The Undertaker made his do. I believe this path would have lead to a showdown between the two at Wrestlemania in a stipulation made famous by The Undertaker such as; Hell in the Cell, a Casket Match or even a Buried Alive Match. Having Wyatt defeating The Undertaker to me is the best example of a “passing of the torch” and would truly set Bray Wyatt up for a strong future. Wyatt would be set-up into title contention  and with such a strong run over the three years mentioned he would be in a position to better help talent coming in such as Finn Balor, Shinske Nakamura and others. The Undertaker was a brand the rarley needed repackaging and withstood time and fads and in my opinion with proper booking Bray Wyatt has that ability as well.



Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: Championships & Legacies 

I realize these posts are becoming more and more frequent but we are going to witness Wrestlemania 33 within a weeks time. That means I am running out of time to tell all of you how I would make it better. So why not make this post a goodin’ and tweak with Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens as well as the main event of Goldberg vs Brock Lesner. Now there maybe some of you out there damning me for tampering with these but please keep reading because it gets good. 
In a previous article [ Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: The Smackdown Shuffle ] I promised to reveal who I would have had win the Royal Rumble match. This scenario is very important to the rest of this post. 

The roles these superstars played at Royal Rumble would not be altered too much. As well as #30 being Roman Reigns because it does add heat and will truly make the finish to this Rumble much better. So since Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton are no longer in the final 3 we need to replace them. Filling that void will be The Undertaker and Y2J. If you remember in the original match during Goldberg/Brock Lesner annihilation of the participants Jericho was hit. In my booking he [Chris Jericho] would take this opportunity to slide under the bottom rope and hide under the ring. So when it is only Roman Reigns and The Undertaker in the ring the opportunity for an epic stare down has more meaning then it did in the original Rumble match. They have a light exchange with no big moves. Undertaker wobbly on the ropes. Roman knocks him over with a Superman Punch. Crowd explodes with boos. Just then Jericho rolls in and throws Reigns over. CROWD EXPLODES! And Royal Rumble ends with Jericho posing allowing the fans to drink in the “Gift of Jericho” mannnnn.

So the next two weeks worth of segments on RAW would only be moderately changed. I believe Paul Heyman’s promo challenging Goldberg at Wrestlemania was well executed so I won’t dare touching that. As for JeriKO that first RAW after I would have KO miss RAW and show some distance with Jericho calling and leaving voicemails for KO. He can apologize but tell him [KO] he will explain next week. The next week have KO debut his new show. Jericho comes out and is begging for Kevin to hear him out. He is telling Kevin he is going to ask to challenge for WWE Title that way after he beats whoever that Smackdown Idiot is and he is champion they can be the World Championship Buddies. Goldberg interrupts saying Jericho might want to wait on that because Kevin Owens might not be the champion come Wrestlemania because he just spoke to Stephanie and at Fastlane Owens…YOU’RE NEXT. And Lesner after he is done with Owens and reigning champion he will finish Their dance at Wrestlemania. 

Going in to Fastlane JeriKO have seemed to patch things up. Jericho pushing that in case Goldberg wins JeriKO will still main event Wrestlemania. 

Two weeks before Fastlane Jericho would defend his United States Championship against Sami Zayn. Owens is in Jericho’s corner. Referee takes a bump. KO takes a chair to Sami Zayn knocking him out then turns to Jericho telling him to get the referee. Jericho turns and Owens hits him with a chair shot and finishes with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. He then lays Zayn on top of Jericho and wakes the ref. 1-2-3 Zayn wins. Zayn is confused as he comes too with his hand lifted as new U.S. Champion (This will be addressed in my next post). Referee helps him to the back and KO continues to beat on Jericho. The week before Fastlane Kevin would deliver his same promo with a few edits. He would say after Goldberg continues the evolution of Kevin Owens he will get rid of the tumour that is Chris Jericho in the MAIN EVENT OF WRESTLEMANIA.

Fast forward to Fastlane. Same song and dance. Bell rings cue Jericho’s music. Spear followed by Jackhammer. Then as Goldberg goes for a pin Brock Lesner’s music hits and as The Beast stares down Goldberg from the apron a defeated Owens gets to his knee and delivers a desperate low blow. Referee calls for the bell. Goldberg wins by DQ and Owens retains setting up for …


As Goldberg lays in the ring Lesner would come down which gives KO an exit opportunity. Lesner stands Goldberg up screaming “I will ruin you” delivers an F-5 to end the PPV. The next night on RAW Goldberg calls out Lesner. Paul Heyman comes out. Gives a promo on how his client will not stop till he has destroyed the legacy of Goldberg. Goldberg says they will settle this at Wrestlemania. Heyman agrees but says Brock Lesner wants to make sure they do so on his client’s behalf he is here to challenge Goldberg to a Career vs Career match at Wrestlemania. Just then Brock runs in from behind but Goldberg ducks and hits Brock with a spear. He then picks up the microphone and says they have a deal which gives us … 

These matches book themselves from here. We get 3 weeks of Kevin Owens and Jericho calling each other out. Owens declares Jericho was the anchor and Jericho has the case that he was the only reason Owens is still champion. They could throw personal barbs at each other and even have them interfering in each other’s matches. 

With Goldberg and Brock I would promote with interviews and match footage. Week before Wrestlemania they can do a contract signing and end the episode with a stare-down no physical altercation. 
The Y2JvsKO Aftermath: 

As we all know Chris Jericho has Fozzy plans after Wrestlemania so obviously KO retains. That is not the only reason for this decision though. Since August KO has delivered some of his best work and he can only go up from this. His match with Jericho has the potential of stealing the show. So why not keep that hype on your champion. Belts should reward workers and not benefit part-timers.

Plus that gives a program to Finn Balor when he returns the next night on RAW. Champion versus the Man that didn’t loose his belt. 

Without question Lesner takes this match. He retires Goldberg. And here is why; when Lesner beat Undertaker’s streak his stock when up. Add Goldberg’s retirement and Lesner is untouchable. Until WWE have a future talent with the potential to be their next monster. Which can be obtained when that monster stands tall over the defeated Beast. Part-timers should always be a piece in the building of the future.