WWE REcreated: #1 Contender for WWE Championship

So on Smackdown Live the “creative” team just gave us yet another multi-person contender’s match. This is becoming a trend in WWE. I find it so predictable that I find no interest in it, especially right now when they have so many talent options that they can build storylines with. So this is what WWE REcreative would do:

For this storyline we are going to begin with Smackdown Live airing April 18th and scrapping this awful idea of the 6 Pack Challenge. Instead of this the marketing for that show would have announced as Daniel Bryan naming a #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. This segment opens the show. As Daniel Bryan is discussing the title situation he should begin by telling the audience that he has discussed the WWE Championship match at Payback with RAW GM Kurt Angle. It has been renegotiated that the winner of the title match will be remaining on Smackdown Live with the loser signed to RAW. This creates more mystery of who will actually win at Payback between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. This brings us to the #1 Contender for this title after Payback going in to Backlash on May 21st, 2017. Then Baron Corbin’s music hits. He says that he is sick and tired of not getting what he deserves on this show. He has been screwed around every corner. It started with the Elimination Chamber and then the #1 contender battle royal. Corbin goes on saying that he then finished Dean Ambrose in a street fight and still didn’t get the Intercontinental Title he earned. So then he gets into how he wasn’t pinned last week in the triple threat match  for a shot at the United States Title. So as far as he is concerned he is the only person on this show that should be considered for this contender spot for the WWE Championship.  Daniel Bryan agrees with Corbin so as of this point he is the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. BUT that can change very easily. Baron Corbin is then explained that for the upcoming weeks he will be battling to keep his spot. Each week he will battle a new challenger if he loses to any one of them that winner will hold his contender spot. Corbin loses it and then Bryan says these matches start tonight when he faces Mojo Rawley.

#1 Contender Match – Baron Corbin vs. Mojo Rawley – April 18th

This match would be very physical and it would do good things for both men putting them in a main event on Smackdown. I would have it go back and forth with Rawley gaining the upper hand towards the end. Just then Jinder runs out offering a distraction. The referee sends him to the back and as Rawley turns around to tackle Baron Corbin it is reversed into the End of Days for the 1-2-3 and the victory. Daniel Bryan comes out and congratulates Baron Corbin for his cheap victory but he better be ready because next week he faces Luke Harper.

#1 Contender Match – Baron Corbin vs. Luke Harper – April 25th

This would be an incredible match. Luke Harper has done allot to take his stock to the next level performance wise. This would give him a chance to show more. These are two “big men” with amazing stamina and agility so this match would capture allot of attention. I would have Baron Corbin find a way to keep down Harper after multiple kick-outs. Taking advantage of Corbin’s frustration Luke Harper clear him out of the ring and as he is about to chase after him the lights go out and Erick Rowan appears in the ring, Harper goes to attack Rowan and the lights flash again Rowan is gone and Harper turns around in to an End of Days for the pin and the win. After Corbin leaves the ring and up the ramp after the lights flash one more time and come back on to Rowan attacking a downed Harper to set up a one-on-one match for Backlash. As we go to a camera backstage we see Corbin pass Daniel Bryan in the hallway. Corbin says looks like my competition has some enemies and walks away laughing. Bryan says well next week should be a different story, you face Sami Zayn. Daniel Bryan walks away and Corbin starts destroying items in the hall way.

**Author’s Note: The two contender’s matches ending due to outside interference would lead to other matches bring booked on the Backlash card. As well it adds heat on Corbin getting assisted wins.**

#1 Contender Match – Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn – May 2nd

I feel like this has the making of a really exciting match-up. I found this pairing delivered in their times together in NXT. This would be a Smackdown main event to talk about. Randy Orton would return on commentary for this match*. The match-up would have a small amount of back and forth in the beginning and then have Corbin slowly taking control of the match. Sami Zayn would have a point where he goes for something big on the outside and have Baron Corbin reverse it into a big spot through the announcers table. Baron Corbin rolls into the ring at a 5 count and as Zayn is being counted out 7….8….9….ZAYN ROLLS IN. This leads to Zayn kicking out of EVERYTHING. Corbin is getting more and more aggressive and sloppy. Corbin has Sami Zayn in the corner, goes for a running corner attack. Sami moves. Corbin bounces of the turnbuckle and Zayn counters into an Exploder into the turnbuckle. Corbin struggles to his feet. Sami Zayn connects with the Helluva Kick…1…2…3. Sami Zayn becomes #1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

**This post will assume Randy Orton is winning the WWE Championship due to Bray Wyatt moving to RAW. Also he would be kept off TV to sell his injuries from the House of Horrors Match. **

So this brings us to Smackdown Live on May 9th. Daniel Bryan comes out at the beginning of the show and announces for Sami Zayn. Zayn doesn’t come out. He announces him again and Zayn’s music starts but still no Zayn. Show goes to commercial and when it returns Daniel Bryan is shown in the back asking people if they have seen Sami Zayn and no one has. Throughout the night have the commentators announce that they are still trying to track down Zayn. End of the night comes and the Zayn’s music hits to a big pop. Baron Corbin comes out dragging an unconscious Zayn. Throws him in the ring and gets on the microphone. Corbin says that he will continue to dismantle Zayn until he gets the opportunity that was taken from him. Now I know we are in the PG-Era but I would have Zayn get a small cut so Corbin can say “Bryan this man’s blood is on your hands….GIVE ME MY TITLE SHOT.” Daniel Bryan comes out and begs for Corbin to stop. Corbin says Bryan knows what has to happen before he stops. Bryan gives in. Corbin gets his title shot. Corbin kicks Zayn out of the ring after taking a few more unnecessary shots on Zayn. Bryan gets security to accompany medics to retrieve Zayn. Bryan says at Backlash it will Randy Orton* vs. Baron Corbin. Then Randy Orton runs in for an RKO. At this point Orton should be written in as a face in this feud.

“We are now 5 days from Backlash” booms in Todd Phillips and announces a contract signing tonight on Smackdown Live (May 16th) for the WWE Championship match. Main Event segment Daniel Bryan stands in the centre of the ring. Corbin and Orton make their ways down. Bryan starts introducing the match. He is interrupted by Corbin who starts to trash talk Randy Orton and bragging about putting Sami Zayn on the shelf. He grabs the contract and signs. Bryan tries to continue his introduction of the match and Orton interrupts saying that he is not Sami Zayn and continuing “with all due respect Randy Orton will never be and Underdog.” He picks up the contract and signs. Bryan becomes assertive and interrupts the trash talk, “Gentlemen let me finish. As I was saying it will be Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against Baron Corbin ….and…SAMI ZAYN.” Corbin goes after Daniel Bryan, Randy blocks the way with punches. Sami Zayn’s music hits. Zayn comes out. Zayn gets Bryan out of the ring. Corbin hits a clothesline on Randy Orton sending him out of the ring. Zayn rolls in to the ring. Hit a flurry of attacks sending Corbin outside with Orton. Looks at the audience and picks up the contract and signs. He then turns his attention to both men [Orton and Corbin] with a somersault over the top rope to the outside catching them by surprise. Smackdown ends with a shot of the three men lying on the outside.

The Aftermatch

This would be a good match to have the veteran sell for the new guys. Orton would take a clean pin on this match finish. I would have Corbin positioning Sami Zayn on the top rope. Randy Orton delivers an RKO on Corbin causing him to roll to the outside. Orton would frame up Zayn for an RKO off his top rope perch. Zayn reverses it but moving back and jumping down to deliver an Exploder into the bottom turnbuckle. As he goes for the Helluva Kick Corbin runs in and launches a running Zayn over the ropes. He drags Orton to the centre of the ring delivers an End of Days for the 1-2-3.

This accomplishes a serious boast in the stocks of both Corbin and Zayn. On top of this after dropping a rematch at Money in the Bank against Corbin it gives the option for Orton to step back for some time at home. Sami Zayn could also win the Money in the Bank. Sami Zayn could make it known he plans on challenging whoever the champion is in a WWE Championship Match at Summerslam.  And due to the fact that the next Smackdown pay-per-view after Money in the Bank is Battleground you could have Zayn and Corbin team up challenging the United States Champion and his challenger at the time and for fan’s sake we will say that it is Kevin Owens as champion and his challenger at Summerslam, Shinske Nakamura. A main event forcing opposites to team up would only help build the marquee summer event. Continuing off their [Corbin and Zayn] loss at Battleground it is booked to have Corbin, the heel champion stomping down and taunting the “Underdog from the Underground” into Summerslam. And this will set up for a big one-on-one match at Summerslam with Sami Zayn finally getting his first title win in WWE. He would then go and defeat Corbin in a rubber match at the next Smackdown Live Pay-Per-View. After this feud have Zayn hold the title for most of the year. This would launch two top prospects to the top of a show and having fans really focusing on the stars of the “New ERA”.



Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: Championships & Legacies 

I realize these posts are becoming more and more frequent but we are going to witness Wrestlemania 33 within a weeks time. That means I am running out of time to tell all of you how I would make it better. So why not make this post a goodin’ and tweak with Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens as well as the main event of Goldberg vs Brock Lesner. Now there maybe some of you out there damning me for tampering with these but please keep reading because it gets good. 
In a previous article [ Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: The Smackdown Shuffle ] I promised to reveal who I would have had win the Royal Rumble match. This scenario is very important to the rest of this post. 

The roles these superstars played at Royal Rumble would not be altered too much. As well as #30 being Roman Reigns because it does add heat and will truly make the finish to this Rumble much better. So since Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton are no longer in the final 3 we need to replace them. Filling that void will be The Undertaker and Y2J. If you remember in the original match during Goldberg/Brock Lesner annihilation of the participants Jericho was hit. In my booking he [Chris Jericho] would take this opportunity to slide under the bottom rope and hide under the ring. So when it is only Roman Reigns and The Undertaker in the ring the opportunity for an epic stare down has more meaning then it did in the original Rumble match. They have a light exchange with no big moves. Undertaker wobbly on the ropes. Roman knocks him over with a Superman Punch. Crowd explodes with boos. Just then Jericho rolls in and throws Reigns over. CROWD EXPLODES! And Royal Rumble ends with Jericho posing allowing the fans to drink in the “Gift of Jericho” mannnnn.

So the next two weeks worth of segments on RAW would only be moderately changed. I believe Paul Heyman’s promo challenging Goldberg at Wrestlemania was well executed so I won’t dare touching that. As for JeriKO that first RAW after I would have KO miss RAW and show some distance with Jericho calling and leaving voicemails for KO. He can apologize but tell him [KO] he will explain next week. The next week have KO debut his new show. Jericho comes out and is begging for Kevin to hear him out. He is telling Kevin he is going to ask to challenge for WWE Title that way after he beats whoever that Smackdown Idiot is and he is champion they can be the World Championship Buddies. Goldberg interrupts saying Jericho might want to wait on that because Kevin Owens might not be the champion come Wrestlemania because he just spoke to Stephanie and at Fastlane Owens…YOU’RE NEXT. And Lesner after he is done with Owens and reigning champion he will finish Their dance at Wrestlemania. 

Going in to Fastlane JeriKO have seemed to patch things up. Jericho pushing that in case Goldberg wins JeriKO will still main event Wrestlemania. 

Two weeks before Fastlane Jericho would defend his United States Championship against Sami Zayn. Owens is in Jericho’s corner. Referee takes a bump. KO takes a chair to Sami Zayn knocking him out then turns to Jericho telling him to get the referee. Jericho turns and Owens hits him with a chair shot and finishes with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. He then lays Zayn on top of Jericho and wakes the ref. 1-2-3 Zayn wins. Zayn is confused as he comes too with his hand lifted as new U.S. Champion (This will be addressed in my next post). Referee helps him to the back and KO continues to beat on Jericho. The week before Fastlane Kevin would deliver his same promo with a few edits. He would say after Goldberg continues the evolution of Kevin Owens he will get rid of the tumour that is Chris Jericho in the MAIN EVENT OF WRESTLEMANIA.

Fast forward to Fastlane. Same song and dance. Bell rings cue Jericho’s music. Spear followed by Jackhammer. Then as Goldberg goes for a pin Brock Lesner’s music hits and as The Beast stares down Goldberg from the apron a defeated Owens gets to his knee and delivers a desperate low blow. Referee calls for the bell. Goldberg wins by DQ and Owens retains setting up for …


As Goldberg lays in the ring Lesner would come down which gives KO an exit opportunity. Lesner stands Goldberg up screaming “I will ruin you” delivers an F-5 to end the PPV. The next night on RAW Goldberg calls out Lesner. Paul Heyman comes out. Gives a promo on how his client will not stop till he has destroyed the legacy of Goldberg. Goldberg says they will settle this at Wrestlemania. Heyman agrees but says Brock Lesner wants to make sure they do so on his client’s behalf he is here to challenge Goldberg to a Career vs Career match at Wrestlemania. Just then Brock runs in from behind but Goldberg ducks and hits Brock with a spear. He then picks up the microphone and says they have a deal which gives us … 

These matches book themselves from here. We get 3 weeks of Kevin Owens and Jericho calling each other out. Owens declares Jericho was the anchor and Jericho has the case that he was the only reason Owens is still champion. They could throw personal barbs at each other and even have them interfering in each other’s matches. 

With Goldberg and Brock I would promote with interviews and match footage. Week before Wrestlemania they can do a contract signing and end the episode with a stare-down no physical altercation. 
The Y2JvsKO Aftermath: 

As we all know Chris Jericho has Fozzy plans after Wrestlemania so obviously KO retains. That is not the only reason for this decision though. Since August KO has delivered some of his best work and he can only go up from this. His match with Jericho has the potential of stealing the show. So why not keep that hype on your champion. Belts should reward workers and not benefit part-timers.

Plus that gives a program to Finn Balor when he returns the next night on RAW. Champion versus the Man that didn’t loose his belt. 

Without question Lesner takes this match. He retires Goldberg. And here is why; when Lesner beat Undertaker’s streak his stock when up. Add Goldberg’s retirement and Lesner is untouchable. Until WWE have a future talent with the potential to be their next monster. Which can be obtained when that monster stands tall over the defeated Beast. Part-timers should always be a piece in the building of the future.