Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: Championships & Legacies 

I realize these posts are becoming more and more frequent but we are going to witness Wrestlemania 33 within a weeks time. That means I am running out of time to tell all of you how I would make it better. So why not make this post a goodin’ and tweak with Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens as well as the main event of Goldberg vs Brock Lesner. Now there maybe some of you out there damning me for tampering with these but please keep reading because it gets good. 
In a previous article [ Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: The Smackdown Shuffle ] I promised to reveal who I would have had win the Royal Rumble match. This scenario is very important to the rest of this post. 

The roles these superstars played at Royal Rumble would not be altered too much. As well as #30 being Roman Reigns because it does add heat and will truly make the finish to this Rumble much better. So since Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton are no longer in the final 3 we need to replace them. Filling that void will be The Undertaker and Y2J. If you remember in the original match during Goldberg/Brock Lesner annihilation of the participants Jericho was hit. In my booking he [Chris Jericho] would take this opportunity to slide under the bottom rope and hide under the ring. So when it is only Roman Reigns and The Undertaker in the ring the opportunity for an epic stare down has more meaning then it did in the original Rumble match. They have a light exchange with no big moves. Undertaker wobbly on the ropes. Roman knocks him over with a Superman Punch. Crowd explodes with boos. Just then Jericho rolls in and throws Reigns over. CROWD EXPLODES! And Royal Rumble ends with Jericho posing allowing the fans to drink in the “Gift of Jericho” mannnnn.

So the next two weeks worth of segments on RAW would only be moderately changed. I believe Paul Heyman’s promo challenging Goldberg at Wrestlemania was well executed so I won’t dare touching that. As for JeriKO that first RAW after I would have KO miss RAW and show some distance with Jericho calling and leaving voicemails for KO. He can apologize but tell him [KO] he will explain next week. The next week have KO debut his new show. Jericho comes out and is begging for Kevin to hear him out. He is telling Kevin he is going to ask to challenge for WWE Title that way after he beats whoever that Smackdown Idiot is and he is champion they can be the World Championship Buddies. Goldberg interrupts saying Jericho might want to wait on that because Kevin Owens might not be the champion come Wrestlemania because he just spoke to Stephanie and at Fastlane Owens…YOU’RE NEXT. And Lesner after he is done with Owens and reigning champion he will finish Their dance at Wrestlemania. 

Going in to Fastlane JeriKO have seemed to patch things up. Jericho pushing that in case Goldberg wins JeriKO will still main event Wrestlemania. 

Two weeks before Fastlane Jericho would defend his United States Championship against Sami Zayn. Owens is in Jericho’s corner. Referee takes a bump. KO takes a chair to Sami Zayn knocking him out then turns to Jericho telling him to get the referee. Jericho turns and Owens hits him with a chair shot and finishes with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. He then lays Zayn on top of Jericho and wakes the ref. 1-2-3 Zayn wins. Zayn is confused as he comes too with his hand lifted as new U.S. Champion (This will be addressed in my next post). Referee helps him to the back and KO continues to beat on Jericho. The week before Fastlane Kevin would deliver his same promo with a few edits. He would say after Goldberg continues the evolution of Kevin Owens he will get rid of the tumour that is Chris Jericho in the MAIN EVENT OF WRESTLEMANIA.

Fast forward to Fastlane. Same song and dance. Bell rings cue Jericho’s music. Spear followed by Jackhammer. Then as Goldberg goes for a pin Brock Lesner’s music hits and as The Beast stares down Goldberg from the apron a defeated Owens gets to his knee and delivers a desperate low blow. Referee calls for the bell. Goldberg wins by DQ and Owens retains setting up for …


As Goldberg lays in the ring Lesner would come down which gives KO an exit opportunity. Lesner stands Goldberg up screaming “I will ruin you” delivers an F-5 to end the PPV. The next night on RAW Goldberg calls out Lesner. Paul Heyman comes out. Gives a promo on how his client will not stop till he has destroyed the legacy of Goldberg. Goldberg says they will settle this at Wrestlemania. Heyman agrees but says Brock Lesner wants to make sure they do so on his client’s behalf he is here to challenge Goldberg to a Career vs Career match at Wrestlemania. Just then Brock runs in from behind but Goldberg ducks and hits Brock with a spear. He then picks up the microphone and says they have a deal which gives us … 

These matches book themselves from here. We get 3 weeks of Kevin Owens and Jericho calling each other out. Owens declares Jericho was the anchor and Jericho has the case that he was the only reason Owens is still champion. They could throw personal barbs at each other and even have them interfering in each other’s matches. 

With Goldberg and Brock I would promote with interviews and match footage. Week before Wrestlemania they can do a contract signing and end the episode with a stare-down no physical altercation. 
The Y2JvsKO Aftermath: 

As we all know Chris Jericho has Fozzy plans after Wrestlemania so obviously KO retains. That is not the only reason for this decision though. Since August KO has delivered some of his best work and he can only go up from this. His match with Jericho has the potential of stealing the show. So why not keep that hype on your champion. Belts should reward workers and not benefit part-timers.

Plus that gives a program to Finn Balor when he returns the next night on RAW. Champion versus the Man that didn’t loose his belt. 

Without question Lesner takes this match. He retires Goldberg. And here is why; when Lesner beat Undertaker’s streak his stock when up. Add Goldberg’s retirement and Lesner is untouchable. Until WWE have a future talent with the potential to be their next monster. Which can be obtained when that monster stands tall over the defeated Beast. Part-timers should always be a piece in the building of the future.


Wrestlemania 33 Recreated: The Smackdown Shuffle 

WARNING: This is going to be a lengthy post because there are three matches I would change up by shifting and adding a few elements. The three matches I am going to discuss are Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton, AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon and Miz/Maryse vs Cena/Nikki. I believe by using these stars WWE can produce matches that would grab the fans attention and produce better storylines. WWE could do this by booking three matches in their places; John Cena vs AJ Styles for the WWE Title, Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton vs Luke Harper/Eric Rowen and finally The Miz vs Shane McMahon.

Authors FYI to the Readers: An “*” indicates the topic will be revisited in future articles.

Part I: Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton vs Luke Harper/Eric Rowen

First of all Orton would not have won Royal Rumble*. Instead Orton would have sacrificed himself in the Royal Rumble for Wyatt. Harper would have Wyatt lined up for an elimination with running move, Orton jumps in the way. Wyatt retaliates by eliminating Harper and then for history’s sake Lesner or Undertaker eliminate Wyatt as he is distracted by Harper attacking Orton on the outside. Orton would be kept off Smackdown for a week selling Harper’s attack at Royal Rumble. With Elimination Chamber coming up in two weeks Daniel Bryan would set up qualifying matches for four spots in the chamber match (the other 2 spots will be explained later on). Wyatt would face Harper in one of the matches the second week of qualifying matches. Wyatt goes over Harper clean but after the bell Harper attacks Wyatt with a chair. The lights go out and Orton flashes on to the screen in Wyatt form. When the lights come back on Orton is standing in the ring. Orton hits and RKO leading to Harper vs Orton at Elimination Chamber. Orton would go over Harper clean and it would be a fast match. As Orton poses in victory Harper is seen laughing on his way up the ramp.

In the Chamber match Wyatt would deliver a Sister Abigail to Cena and as he poses Styles steals the pin. Wyatt looses it on Styles destroying him with multiple Sister Abigails. As he delivers the last one the Wyatt glitch out hits the arena but instead of black and white it’s black and red only with sheep masks. Lights come back and In the ring standing on both sides of Wyatt is Harper and Rowen in black sheep masks. Orton runs down but can not get into the cage. Harper/Rowen hit a strong double team on Wyatt lights glitch again and they are gone leaving Styles laying on top of Wyatt, 1-2-3 Styles goes over Wyatt.

This sets up for Wyatt/Orton to call out Harper/Rowen. During the build up this gives Harper and Rowen mic time. They can slam Wyatt for bringing a snake (Orton) into the compound and into the family. This would bring in the possibility to keep the burning of the compound and grave of Sister Abigail but this time it would have Harper and Rowen do the damage. This would lead to Wrestlemania. 

The Aftermath:

Wyatt would start the match and immediately he would be mauled by Harper and Rowen with continuing illegal double teams. Orton would attempt to come in but get stopped by the referee. Finally Wyatt gets to tag in Orton. We have a stare down between all 4. At this point Orton delivers an RKO to Wyatt with Harper and Rowen joining in on the mugging. All three men decimate Bray Wyatt. Referee calls it a no contest. Finishes with Orton on one knee holding his arms up for his pose with Harper and Rowen behind him. A red and black glitch of sheep masks being covered with vipers is shown. This finish would allow a face turn for Wyatt as he seeks his revenge. Also a strong heel turn for Orton. Finally a chance of a small push for Harper and Rowen as they fend off Wyatt and possibly leave Orton to fend for himself to go on their own. 
Part II: John Cena vs AJ Styles – Iron Man WWE Title Match

So from a booking standpoint let’s keep the ending to their match at Royal Rumble as is seeing this storyline works well with John Cena and Ric Flair tied at 16 for the record. 

On the Smackdown Live following Royal Rumble Styles would start the show. He would drop a rant on Cena getting lucky and getting a shot handed to him. So since Cena can just demand title shots he is going to do the same. Daniel Bryan comes out saying the Elimination Chamber is coming up and Cena will be defending the title there. Styles comes back saying since he is the ex champ he has a rematch clause. Bryan says he is right but that rematch will have to take place in the Chamber. This is where Bryan would also announce the qualifying matches for the remaining spots (Example: Wyatt vs Harper). 

So as read in the above Cena, Wyatt and Styles would be the final three competitors. Styles steals the pin over Cena. Wyatt then gets jumped leading to Styles winning and walking away WWE Champ.

The next Smackdown Live starts out with Styles coming out. He preaches how no matter what John Cena and the Cenation (including Daniel Bryan) throw at him he will always be on top. Cena comes out says he is sick of this back and fourth with Styles and wants it finished. Styles replies saying it is finished. Cena says no because as you reminded us after Royal Rumble the former champ gets a rematch. Cena goes on to say that he doesn’t want any match because if he wins he will be the 17th time World Champion and he would take this time to give Ric Flair a plug for a crowd pop. To prove that he is worthy of the record he needs to know he is “The Man”. He proposes an Iron Man match. Styles agrees to the match on one condition; if he wins Cena can’t fight for the championship as long as he [Styles] is the champion. Cena agrees. Match is set as an Iron Man match.

The Aftermath:

The match would be very competitive for the first half. Slowly towards the end they each get a fall in. Match is tied at 1-1. Clock winding down. Cena showing frustration. Hits two Attitude Adjustments and Styles still kicks out. Cena goes for another but Styles counters into a Styles’ Clash. Roll up for a pin with Styles using the ropes but referee doesn’t see it. Styles up 2-1. Cena pops up starts questioning the pin. Styles lands a kick from behind. As Cena gets up Styles realizes there is only 30 seconds left ad ducks out of the ring. There is a chase in and out the ring. Cena is catching up to Styles causing a quick jump out of the ring Cena lands funny. Styles can’t believe it and quickly rolls into the ring. Cena can’t get to his feet as the referee checks on him. Clock finishes … 3-2-1. Styles has done it. At this point Styles would go after Cena focusing on the “injured” leg. This finish would accomplish a lot of things for the company;

1. It writes Cena off television.

2. Sets Styles up as a top heel. His constant taunting of killing “Cenation” alone would cause so much natural heat.

3. Gives opportunity to create new top faces for Styles to feud with such as NXT call-ups after Wrestlemania, Superstars traded in from RAW or even a newly babyfaced Bray Wyatt. 

4. Finally with Cena waiting in the outside unable to challenge for the it allows for a cornucopia of creative opportunities to bring him back. IE: Money in the Bank winner waiting for his chance, Royal Rumble surprise entrant or even ground work for a possible heal turn*.
Part III: The Miz vs Shane McMahon

 This match would organically come from Miz’s taunting of Daniel Bryan. Going into Elimination Chamber Miz would qualify by defeating Apollo Cruise from a dirty finish; either Maryse or even Ziggler in order to keep his feud with Apollo going on. In the Chamber match Miz would be in the final four after going on a huge run of offence. He would get into his mockery of Daniel Bryan. He would finish by applying the Yes Lock on John Cena would gain strength and stand up reversing it into and AA and pin The Miz.

Miz would cut a promo on the following Smackdown Live saying that for months he has been bullied and mistreated by management and we all know exactly who he means by management. He would make mention to being scrutinized by Daniel Bryan, forced into one sided Intercontinental Title matches after adding prestige to the title and finally having the “boss’ bro-in-law” costing him his chance of winning the WWE World Title and once again main eventing WRESTLEMANIA. The Miz finishes by saying he will be the one laughing last Daniel Bryan. This would lead to weeks of baiting Daniel Bryan with insults of his ties to Cena, how he quit, etc. Daniel Bryan would then put Miz in impossible matches. Finally when it seems Miz has had enough Bryan would be found in the back injured.

The Miz would come out the following week offering his condolences in a mockery (even possibly holding a funeral for Daniel Bryan’s Career). This would bring out Shane. Shane would call out Miz saying he knows it was him who attacked Daniel Bryan in the back and he is the reason why Daniel Bryan is laid up right now. He finishes by saying if Miz wanted a fight with management all he had to do was ask. Crowd pops. And Shane goes on to announce that the Miz will get his marquee match at Wrestlemania… with Shane McMahon. The Miz asks what happens if he doesn’t agree. Shane says I thought you would ask that so I have prepared this contract if you wanted to leave Smackdown. Miz laughs and says where do I sign. Then he realizes it’s for NXT. Looses his mind attacks Shane. Shane rallys back and sends him over the top. Shane rips up the contract and says I’ll see you at Wrestlemania. 

The Aftermath:
I would have Shane do crazy spot in this match maybe even an elbow through the announce table or coast to coast. Miz would have a good spot where he runs through his Daniel Bryan moves and would even say he locks Shane into the Yes Lock. When Shane reaches out for the ropes after fighting for a long time have Maryse pull the ropes back enabling Shane to reach for them. Referee catches her and and sends Maryse to the back. Miz would let go at this point and starts yelling at the ref. Miz turns around Shane ducks a punch and turns it into a Skull Crushing Finale for the 1-2-3. Shane rolls out of the ring to Daniel Bryan waiting on stage and him and Shane start a Yes chant well Miz looses his mind in the ring. This gives Shane his final moment and hopefully would finish his run for awhile allowing Daniel Bryan to step in a stronger leadership role and continuation of the feud with Miz*.